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The company was $600,000 in the red on $200,000 in receipts after 24 months.

It was a brilliant idea.  It was something that had never been executed before and it had amazing potential.  But things were bad and they were getting worse.

Michael called me and asked if I would take the meeting.  Although I had zero experience with this particular industry, I trusted his insight and we booked the flight.

Wednesday morning, I sat across the table as Robert and Alex – the CEO and CFO – poured their entire vision, their history, their challenges – and honestly, their hopes and dreams – onto a whiteboard that covered the whole conference room.  It was a long day, but in the end, I could see it.  And they began to see it as well.

The vision was incredible, but it was simply never going to work if they kept doing it like this.

Throughout the evening, as I went over my notes from the day, I could see the flaws and I could see that the strategy was never going to produce results.  More importantly, I could see how to fix it.  I didn't get very much sleep that night.

Thursday Morning I began to lay it all out.  It was their turn to take notes from the other side of the table.  I was the one filling the white board today, and six hours later, there was no where left to write.

Then came the moment that I live for.  The moment when it clicks.  When the path becomes clear, when the past pains are replaced with hope, and when the 24 months of struggle find a path to success.  This was a new beginning.

We worked together for 12 months and generated over $9,000,000 in revenue.

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