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So, you want to create a lead magnet, but you just cannot figure out where to start.  Today, I am going to walk you through a simple process to create a lead magnet that will draw potential customers – prospects – to your business.  It doesn’t have to be difficult and it doesn’t have to take a long time.  Even more, you can do it with tools that 99% of people already have access to.

Ready?  Let’s start with a definition.

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is an item(s) of value that you offer to visitors of your page or blog  in exchange for their name, email address or other information.

Why should I use a lead magnet?

You might have heard me say before that the only reason to have a blog and to create content is to build your marketing list.  Additionally, if you have been around the home business space for any length of time, you have probably heard the saying “The money is in the list.”  That is the main reason to use a lead magnet in your marketing.

Think of it like this.  A person has visited your blog.  If you are following the correct formula, this person is probably a potential customer for your business.  The next step is to develop a relationship with that person – whether fast or slow – so that you can exchange your valuable products and services for money.  The very first step in that process is to capture their information so that you can deliver that value – generally via email – over a period of time that will eventually culminate in a sale.

Is that making sense?

Here is another way to think about it.

Content – your blog posts – creates Conversions – your lead magnet – and leads to Conversations – your follow-up email series.

The point is, having a lead magnet or lead magnets in your business is essential to your long term success.

So, how do we create a simple lead magnet using the tools that we already have?

Here is the process.

  1. Think of a topic that your audience would LOVE to have information on.
  2. Create a short 5-7 item list that relates to that topic.
  3. Using you mobile phone, create an audio recording explaining that short list.
  4. Using your autoresponder, make that audio recording available for download.

That’s it.  You could sit down at your computer and create a new, 100% targeted lead magnet for your website in the next hour.

Let’s spend a little time on each step.

gottahavethisThink of a topic that your audience would LOVE to have information on.

This step is really important and – if you think about it – kind of common sense.  If I wanted to attract customers who want to get a massage, I am not going to offer a report on how to easily tile a bathroom.  That would be silly right?  That’s what I am talking about here.  The subject of your lead magnet MUST be something that your perfect customer has a desire for and something that adds value to their life in some way.

While a lot of people don’t think about it in this way, you are asking your prospect to give up a little piece of their privacy – something of value – in order to receive something that you offer – something of value.  You are exchanging value for value.  If your lead magnet is not something that your prospect has a desire for, then they simply are not going to exchange their valuable content for your offer.

checklistCreate a short 5-7 item list that relates to that topic.

Now, once you have decided on a topic, now create a short 5-7 item list that directly relates to the topic.  Here are some examples :

  • 5 Ways To Promote Your Blog Posts On Social Media
  • 7 Email Headlines That Get Opens & Why
  • 5 Steps To Writing Better Blog Posts & How To Do Them Immediately

Of course, this should be something that you can talk intelligently about and, as we have said before, it must be something that your target audience would LOVE to learn.

Write this list down on a piece of paper or a digital note so that it is easily accessible.  If you need to make additional notes about what you will say on each individual topic, then do that as well.  Basically, create a document that will remind you of what you want to say during the recording.

Voice Recorder AppUsing you mobile phone, create an audio recording explaining that short list.

OK, we have chosen a topic and created the list of what we are going to talk about.  Now we are ready to do the recording.

Take out your mobile phone.  On most smartphones, there is a voice recording app that comes standard and if you don’t like that one, there are many different ones available in your app store.  All you have to do is search for the words voice recorder.

One big tip for your recording.  BE YOURSELF!!!

People are generally not interested in perfection, they are interested in real people.  Your effort to be real and honest with your audience will generate a much better relationship  than trying to manufacture something that simply isn’t you.  BE YOURSELF!!!

Here is a basic formula to follow.

  1. Introduce Yourself
  2. Thank them for downloading the audio file.
  3. Tell them what you are going to talk about.
  4. Briefly state each topic on the list.
  5. Go through each topic in detail.
  6. Remind them what you just covered.
  7. Tell them that you are available to speak with them if they have questions and to send you an email.
  8. Ask them for feedback on the topics you covered.
  9. Tell them to connect with you on social media.
  10. Thank them for going through the audio.
  11. Say Goodbye.

That’s it.  Jut follow those basic steps and the audio for your lead magnet will be done. 🙂 Now there is only one more step.

Optin FormUsing your autoresponder, make that audio recording available for download.

It is a fact of life that, if you want to capture leads and create sales with that list of prospects, you must have an autoresponder.  If you don’t have one, then you have to get one immediately.

Once you have your autoresponder setup, you are going to create an optin-form, publish the form on your site and promote your content so that visitors can see your new lead magnet.  Now, I understand that that last little bit might seem overwhelming if you have never done it before, but know this.  Whatever autoresponder you choose, they will have insructional videos and tutorials on how to do this.  It is Autoresponder 101.  Search around and/or get in touch with their support and they can show you how.

There you have it.  Hour simple steps to creating a lead magnet for your business that you can do within the next hour.  Your lead magnet doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult to do.  You don’t need to buy anything or create any documents or PFDs or videos.

Audio files are easy to create and they are easy for your customer to consume which is critical.

Go out today and create a new audio lead magnet for your business.  If you need help or you have questions, contact me and I will gladly lend a hand.

To your success,

Christopher Hussey



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