A Really Simple Way To Create A Great Lead Magnet

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So, you want to create a lead magnet, but you just cannot figure out where to start. Today, I am going to walk you through a simple process to create a lead magnet that will draw potential customers – prospects – to your business. It doesn’t have to be difficult and it doesn’t have to take a long time. Even more, you can do it with tools that 99% of people already have access to.

Five Classic Books You MUST Read When You Start Your Home Business


One of the great things about starting out on your own is that there is a wealth of knowledge contained in the classic texts that have propelled entrepreneurs to success throughout the ages. In this article, I recommend 5 different books, each with it’s own focus and wisdom, that will enable you to change your mindset, create a new direction and truly propel your new venture – or the one that is currently stalled – to the greatness and achievement that you deserve.

12 Ways To Capture Leads On Your Blog


Blogging is an incredible – if not the most effective – way to build your business online. One of the biggest challenges that many business bloggers have is understanding WHY they have a blog in the first place. Why do you have a blog for your business? The answer is simple. To capture leads. That’s the reason. If your blog …

Five Things That Successful People Do Before 9AM

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Successful people do have something in common. Well, they really have lots of things in common. One of those things is the way they start their day. Here are five things that you will find almost every ultra successful person does to ensure that everyday of their lives brings them closer to their ultimate success.

100+ Ways To Generate Leads For Your Network Marketing Business

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101 Quotes That Every Entrepreneur Should Know

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Who ever said that starting your own business was easy? The truth is that it’s not and no matter what type of business or what stage of business, we could all use a little push, a little motivation, a little kick in the pants once in a while. Here are 101 quotes on leadership and entrepreneurship that will keep you …